Alan Tongue


My sideline as ‘musicologist’ started almost by accident, when I came across the manuscript score of Vaughan Williams’ doctoral exercise, now known as A CAMBRIDGE MASS. This fine work, edited by me, is available in score from the publishers, Stainer & Bell, and a CD is available from Albion Records.
Read more about A Cambridge Mass here.

While working in the Cambridge University Library Manuscripts Room on the Vaughan Williams manuscript I started to browse the entire ‘Mus. Doc.’ collection. Further surprises were in store for me, as I saw unknown works by well-known names: Charles Wood, George John Bennett, Walford Davies... Since then I have transcribed and edited an unaccompanied 8-part choral piece, ‘Glory be to God on high’, from Walford Davies’ oratorio ‘The Days of Man’ and am currently transcribing ‘The Wreck of the Hesperus’ by Ralph Dunstan.

A book on my finds is currently in production: ‘Musical Treasure Trove.’

Henry Walford Davies