Alan Tongue

New music in Bucharest continued.

Fred Popovici: Concerto No 2 for violin and orchestra
(soloist Marius Lucraru, violin)
Livia Teodorescu: Rite for enchanting the air (flutes and orchestra)
(soloist Pierre-Yves Arbaud (flutes)
Arne Mellnas: Labyrinthos (saxophone and orchestra)
(soloist Jorgen Pettersson, saxophone)
Doina Rotaru: Symphony No. 3

'Apart from the value of the content of the programme we listened to, besides the well deserved applause for the soloists and for the National Radio Orchestra, we must appreciate especially the conducting performance of the English Maestro Alan Tongue. Wisdom, calm and discipline, power of communication through an economical but effective gestuality are only a few of the qualities of this musician, due to whom the new works, both for him and the orchestra, were successfully presented in such discouraging short time.'
George Balint, 24 May 2002, Muzica

L to R. Arne Mellnas, Livia Teodorescu, Alan Tongue

Livia's work from this performance has appeared on YouTube, atĀ

Fred Popovici's work is available on the double CD 'Romanian Music Today 2', RO1AF145011340

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